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A professional driven consulting firm that provides GST solutions to you before and after GST implementation. We customized the appropriate approach for each of our clients to make the implementation simple and with good compliance

In 2010, we started our first GST implementation case for a company based in Japan. Fast forward to today, we are proud to have helped over 10,000 businesses in Malaysia transform the way they comply GST through various handholding platforms such as implementation cases, seminars and DVD video learning. And we are just getting started.

With the experience of handholding businesses from different background, we started Simple GST to change the game for GST compliance. Simple GST is an ultimate online GST solution that enable businesses to live the dream by focusing on expanding their businesses and leaving the tedious and sophisticated tasks for professional GST team through online such as return review, and then provides powerful insights into the state of their business.

Businesses in Malaysia is one of the spotlights in the heart of ASEAN economy. We want thousands of businesses to accelerate through solutions that are affordable, reliable and good connectivity.

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Hello I'm Dato' Vimmy Yap

GST Tax Agent

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Core of Expertise


Business Development


Dato' Vimmy Yap started her entrepreneurship journey in the year of 1999. Aside from acting as an accountant by profession, she performs strategic business planning for various SME clients.

She works closely with the owners and key management personnel, acting as a business strategist, she combines her experience and ability in entrepreneurship and business planning skills to identify and solve business issues with a drive to help guide her clients towards achieving their business goals.

In addition, she accomplished the first GST implementation case in 2010 on a company based in Japan. Later in 2014, she supported several MNCs in Malaysia to undergo smooth GST transitional period.

Hello I'm K.S. Woon

GST Comittee

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Core of Expertise

Business Development

Online GST Solution

K.S Woon has specialised solely in business development for GST by handholding SMEs to have good GST compliance throughout the pre and post GST implementation period.

Prior to Online GST Solutions, he led the GST consultation firm to introduce the very first GST DVD e-learning solution to the market.

He now spearheads collaboration with GST Tax Agent team to jointly develop wide range of automated GST Solutions, particularly GST knowledge database, customer service and marketing support through communication bots on various channels.

Hello I'm H.L. Chan

GST Trainer

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BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance

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H.L. Chan has helped a diverse range of clients find suitable solution to their GST problems. These include consultation, training and administrations arrangement.

In addition, Chan is experienced at dealing GST enquiries and negotiations with Royal Malaysian Customs Department. He also takes on active involvement in GST implementation, where he has a proven track of record in handholding SMEs from various industries to achieve good GST compliance throughout the GST transitional period which takes place before and after of 1st April 2015.